New feature to split Brand and Generic terms on Google Analytics: Good start but not perfect yet

Google analytics seems to be rolling out a test on Google Analytics at the moment with a new feature that gives you the possibility to indicate what are your brand terms, and create specific channels from it, such as Brand PPC and Generics PPC. This is an awesome feature for PPC. There support page on this feature explains it quite well.

I can not see it on all my accounts so you may not have it yet. You can find it on your view setting as shown below:


screenshot feature google analytics split brand genericsAfter filling this up they will create for you 2 special channel grouping, one for Brand PPC, and the other one for Generics PPC. I encourage you to accept their suggestions as treating Brand and Generics separately is key factor for success in any PPC practice.


I would really like this feature to be executable in organics keywords though. I was initially very excited about this feature assuming it was applicable to organic traffic. I felt bitterness when I realized it was a PPC feature. Quite a shame, as being able to see the brand/generics split within the (not provided) segment would be an amazing consolation prize since it accounts for nearly 75% of my SEO traffic in some of the website I manage. I’m completely unable to differentiate the behavior of Brand organic traffic from Generics organic traffic.


So please Google, extend this feature to organic traffic!



Startup advice: Think acquisition before building your site.

Quick article to cover one of the most common mistake I’m facing with clients, and lies with the following question: when should we start thinking about acquisition for a new business/startup? I had plenty of clients who came to me with a recently finished website, asking me to now generate traffic. For us marketers, it is a massive frustration, because most of the things we’ll recommend and suggest will be in fact into the website.


Most of the practices an online marketer or growth hacker will use to generate traffic on any sites are into the website/product, part of its DNA. The application Candy Crush is a perfect example of this approach. The application is only an old recycle puzzle game, but the virality of the app is huge as it is at the core of the app itself, fully integrated. People who wanted to keep playing for free had to invite friends on Facebook.


The same applies to SEO and conversion rate optimization. Both of them are completely dependant of the website, and how well thought it was prior to create the website. Depending of the variety of keywords a business target, the overall architecture of your website have a direct impact with your rankings. In fact, all the businesses which are the most performing in organic rankings are the ones who worked their SEO, right at the birth of there project, before even writing any code.


The drawing below illustrate the 3 major practices that are important for an online acquisition strategy.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization



It’s pretty clear that all of them are in fact directly connected to the site.

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